Why A No Pets Policy

Like numerous owners of rental properties, Florian Gardens has a no pets policy. It is clearly stated in the governing documents (Occupancy Agreement and House Rules). There are legitimate reasons why many rental properties do not allow pets.

Pets cause damage — Dogs and cats urinate all over the place. If they are not taken outside, nor have a litter box at their disposal, when they need to go – they go, wherever they can. And if your floor is covered by a rug or carpet (as required), when an animal urinates on the floor, the odor leaks through the floor covering in to the wood floors.  

Pets disturb the neighbors — Neighbors do not like being disturbed by any noises coming from an adjoining unit, and especially an animal. And, no landlord wants to get a call at 10 p.m. from your neighbor complaining that they can hear your dog barking or cat screeching or meowing through the wall.

Allow one, allow all – Some of your neighbors like pets as much as you do. They too would like to have a dog or cat – a little Fluffy or Puffy; but imagine if everyone broke the no pets rule. Neither the landlord nor anyone else in multi-family housing wants a slew of dogs and cats on the property. Animals urinate and defecate wherever is convenient. They chew, scratch, whine, and cause all sorts of problems.

A hint to the wise:  Cats love to sit in the window where they can see — and be seen.  FGC residents who have pets are in violation of the rules. 


2 thoughts on “Why A No Pets Policy

    1. Policy, rules and regulations, and procedures are addressed in the co-op’s governing documents which include the By-Laws, Occupancy Agreement, and House Rules, and are enforced by the board of directors.

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