FGC Members Meet re Walmart

Thursday’s FGC meeting produced a respectable turn-out. Walmart and its current and potential impact on the neighborhood was the overall subject, but the issue of parking spaces – or lack of them — dominated the discussions. There was very little drama, but some comic relief as members put  guests on the hot seat by peppering them with questions from the journalist playbook – the Five W’s:  who, what, when, where, and why.   Who is to blame for creating this problem in our quiet neighborhood?  What did FGC do to deserve this?  When will this nightmare end?  Where are we going to park our cars during and after the transition?  And why, why, why us?  Although that was a lighthearted summary, member’s concerns were very serious.

Walmart was invited to send a representative to the meeting, but no one attended. The board wishes to thank the guests who did show up — Kai Bough and Barbara Mack from Foulger-Pratt; and Brandon Todd of Councilmember Bowser’s office. Thanks also to all of the FGC members who attended the meeting. To see more pictures from Thursday’s meeting click on the “Meetings” tab on the menu line.


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