Silent Nights Precede Noisy Mornings

On September 12, at a meeting between the FGC Board of Directors and Foulger-Pratt, and at a general meeting of FGC members held on September 20, we were informed that for approximately the next six months — barring unforeseen weather conditions that could prolong the activity — Florian Gardens will be subjected to the noise caused by shoring and driving on the Walmart site and other demolition and construction related activities.

As anticipated, long before the project got underway; the tranquility of our neighborhood is gone. Instead of being awakened each weekday morning — and sometimes on Saturday — by our alarm clock, FGC residents are roused by the rumble of large trucks coming and going, and the racket of demolition. It is already difficult to envision the Curtis Chevrolet dealership that once operated on the corner. To date these cosmetic changes are noticeable:  A portion of the Jersey wall that originally extended for nearly the entire block was removed to facilitate traffic flow; all trees previously located on the west side of our property have been removed; gravel has been laid for the trucks; and a silt fence has been installed around the perimeter.

Keep visiting this site for more on “Walmart takes the neighborhood.”

In the meantime, the FGC board is in ongoing discussions with contractors to face-lift our own property. Plans are underway to upgrade the intercom system, and replace the facades and carpeting on the front of each building.


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