Tidbits & Blurbs

Members of Ward 4 Thrives, in an ongoing effort to stop the proposed Georgia Avenue Walmart, will be attending tomorrow’s hearing before the BZA. Meanwhile, excavation on the site continues.

*     *     *

FGC residents occupying third floor units with windows facing Georgia Avenue can look down onto the Walmart development site, but for those without that range of vision the pictures below show a bird’s eye view. (Click photo to view gallery.)

Upon request of the FGC board (and probably numerous other people in the area), Foulger-Pratt removed the northernmost portion of the Jersey Wall that was blocking the crosswalk on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Peabody Street, and forcing pedestrians to walk too far into the busy intersection.

*     *      *

FGC members who disregard co-op rules concerning pets, parking, and other policies may think that their infractions are being ignored. They are not. A record is being kept of violations and frequent violators, including consistently late payment of monthly carrying charges. Landlord Tenant Court may be backed-up with cases, but eventually it gets around to every case.


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