Darn Those Bleeping Trucks!

There is unanimous agreement that the hottest topic currently drawing the ire of FGC residents – and nearby neighbors – is the incessant noise caused by dump trucks associated with the Walmart development. We were told and expected that this would happen, but that doesn’t make the situation any less annoying. The truck noise is bad enough for the people who must get up and go to work each day, but it is also a killer headache for those who stay at home. Spending a quiet day at home now is a thing of the past, at least for the next several month, except on Sundays. (Shhh!  Don’t say Sundays too loudly. The truckers might hear us.)

Yesterday before dawn, nearly a dozen dump trucks were lined curb side, up and down on both sides of 9th Street like an army convoy invading a large country; instead they were intruding on a small neighborhood. Recurrent sounds of roaring and rumbling truck engines; trucks making noise even when idling; honking fog horns; truck reverse warning beeps; squeaking; hissing; the swishing brushes of street cleaning vehicles are bad enough; add to all of that racket the intermittent sirens of emergency vehicles and you have a perfect storm for major environmental noise.  Quick! Put in your ear plugs, here comes another one.


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