More Tidbits and Blurbs

Communication is ongoing with Pepco to get the power company to remove tree branches that are intertwined with the wires of the huge Mulberry tree growing on the northeast side of 5932. After Pepco has done its part, the tree contractors will finish cutting down the tree; a job they started over a month ago.  We are hoping that this will occur before another heavy-winded storm causes Florian Gardens to be plunged once again into a week long power outage like the one we endured last summer. Nevertheless, we count our blessings because there are people in parts of lower Manhattan and New Jersey who are still without electricity, following Hurricane Sandy and a nor’easter that occurred weeks apart, a few weeks ago.

*** News From the Fourth District Precinct — Lieutenant Kimberly M. Dickerson of the MPD, PSA 402 recently announced that she will be leaving the Fourth District to take a position with the Youth Investigative Division.  Lt. Dickerson, along with Commander Kimberly Missouri have been active participants on the MPD Listserv, regularly informing members about crimes and arrests in the area, as well as providing updates on other police and community activity.

*** The FGC Board would like to remind members to take pride in our co-op and be responsible homeowners by doing your part to help keep the property clean. Don’t drop and leave trash in the hallways, on the front stoop or outside on the ground. If you send your child out to discard trash make sure to tell him or her to put the trash bags inside the dumpster and not on the ground beside it. Some residents upon removing junk mail from their mailbox – particularly supermarket fliers, coupon newspapers, and shopping catalogs – will leave it on the radiator in the lobby. Take your trash inside and discard it. Don’t leave it for someone else to remove.

FG has come a long way from looking like a run-down complex in a ghetto neighborhood as it did prior to its purchase and conversion in 1989; and conscientious FGC members do what we can to prevent the property from going back to looking as it did then. Help us. Be a responsible member and take pride in where we live; and teach your children to do the same.


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