Black Friday

Construction of the Georgia Avenue Walmart store continues and there is little to be said or done about that. But there is one foresight – if things continue as planned, at this time next year Brightwood may have its own Black Friday traffic nightmare.

As December approaches FGC residents, like many people everywhere, are looking forward to the Christmas holiday season; tying up loose ends and thinking about resolutions to be made – and likely broken – in the New Year. There are a couple of things that FGC members may want to add to your New Year’s To Do list:

  • If you don’t already pay your monthly carrying charges on-line perhaps you want to consider doing so. New users can sign up by going to and creating an account.
  • Let’s hope that all FGC residents will take enough pride in our property to do our part to keep it attractive and avoid diminishing its value. Plans are still being finalized to install new facades and replace carpeting on the front stoops of each building. Aside from normal wear and tear, the existing carpets have been damaged by smokers who stand on the porch and thoughtlessly drop cigarette ashes causing unsightly burns in the fabric. Children playing with skateboards and other sharp-edged toys also bear some responsibility for the deterioration of the carpet.

As you are thinking about those things, contemplate the paraphrased words of Benjamin Franklin, “Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better person.”


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