Want to Get Away?

AMany of us have heard Charles Caleb Colton’s quote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” If that is the case, then should I be flattered to learn that after I began posting pictures of the Georgia Avenue Walmart construction site on the FGC blog, similar pictures showed up on Walmart’s website? Um?

Noisy trucks continue to wreck havoc on the nerves of FGC residents, and unfortunately it is a burden to be endured for several more months. Before daybreak in the morning until around 5 PM, many residents are being awakened by the loud conversations of flaggers and other persons associated with the Walmart project, as well as the roar of monster truck engines, the sound of air brakes, and the occasional honking horn. Throughout the day, as the trucks come and go, trying to listen to TV or radio becomes an exercise in futility for FGC residents. When the volume is turned down low and the trucks roll by we must turn the volume up, and then back down, and then back up, and down, repeating the process every time a truck passes. And for those unfortunate residents who live in the building directly behind the construction site, and can’t escape the noise by going to work or elsewhere during the day, there is no rest whatsoever from the trucks, the pile drivers, excavators, and other heavy equipment. Suggestion for retirees and residents who work at home:  invest in a good set of ear plugs.

If ever you want to get away for a brief respite — and you enjoy good crab cakes — I’m talking real crab cakes, not that imitation stuff — check out Charlie’s Bar & Grill in the 7300 block of GA Avenue. It is a small soul food business with an old school flair. There are a few tables and chairs set up booth style for those who chose not to sit at the bar, and you can also order takeout.  A flat screen TV sits above the bar, and classic R&B music is the flavor of the day. The ladies that run Charlie’s are very cordial and customer service oriented.  They take reservations and it would be a good place for a small group – I emphasize small, because it is not a large place – to celebrate an adult’s birthday party or some other special occasion. Charlie’s is about the size of Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street, only without additional seating in the rear as there is at Ben’s. I understand that Charlie’s also has excellent salmon cakes. Although I have not tried those, I can vouch for their macaroni and cheese. It is home made good!  If you are looking for a fancy upscale restaurant, then strike Charlie’s off your list, but if you are seeking a quiet place to dine, one with a nice ambiance, then Charlie’s will not disappoint you. And the prices are reasonable, too.


2 thoughts on “Want to Get Away?

    1. Thank you, William, for the compliment about this post. It is much appreciated. Hope that you will continue supporting the FGC blog.

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