Spring Cleaning: Odds and Ends

???????????????So much for the old saying “If March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion.”  The lion roared on March 6 when a snowstorm hit the East Coast and the Florian Gardens property incurred some weather-related damage. As was previously reported on this blog, frozen ice falling off the transmission tower broke windows on two of the buildings and damaged a couple of car that were parked on the lot. One member’s car had significant damage to the  hood, another car had a cracked windshield. In addition, to the cars, the vents on the rooftops of each building and one roof drain scupper box were damaged.

Anyone who has been paying attention can see that progress is being rapidly made on the the Georgia Avenue Walmart which is scheduled to open in the fall of this year.  Councilmember Muriel Bowser recently sent out a special e-newsletter advising that Walmart is seeking a DC-based retailer to occupy 1800 square feet of retail space.

We’ve been telling you that FGC will be undergoing a face-lift involving replacement of the facades, the canopies, the intercom system, and the carpeting on the front stoops of each building. Those plans are still underway and work will begin — hopefully soon — after all of the proposals are finalized and signed.

Complaints are received periodically about children throwing a ball on ????????top of the canopies or attempting to ride a skateboard down the steps of the front stoops. Not only are these actions causing damage to the canopies and the outdoor carpeting, it could also result in a child being seriously injured. With plans underway for significant improvements on the premises, we are hopeful that parents will be attentive to your children and teach them the importance of respecting property. Children are not born knowing the do’s and don’ts. Right from wrong, discipline, and respect for the property of others – in this case, property that is co-owned by the co-op membership — are behaviors that conscientious parents teach their children. The excuse that “kids will be kids” is no excuse for not being attentive to your child.

District Government to Observe Emancipation Day on Tuesday, April 16. Emancipation Day is an annual holiday in Washington, DC to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Act by President Abraham Lincoln on April 16, 1862.

The Fitness Factory, the new gym in the neighborhood that has been operating since early March, will hold its Grand Opening in a few weeks. Watch for the official announcement.


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