Redefining Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It is a slow news week at FGC, so let’s talk about neighborhood Listservs. Those email services provide a good source of information about what is happening on your block or several blocks away. Local Listserv subscribers include members of the Brightwood, Shepherd Park, Petworth, and Takoma Park communities. Some apartment complexes and condos — like the Lofts at Brightwood –maintain a Listserv primarily for their own residents.

Listserv subscribers receive a variety of information including death notices about prominent neighborhood residents, and neighborhood crimes. Some Listservs even function somewhat like Craig’s List by advertising items for sale or giveaway, or posting notices about things lost and found.

A recent hot topic on one Listserv concerns the probability of a grocery store chain opening on the Walter Reed property. Some subscribers seem confident that a Wegman’s will open there.  Other names being tossed around are Safeway, Trader Joe and Whole Foods.  

Speaking of Safeway, within the last two weeks, one Listserv group has been sounding off with a slew of complaints about the Safeway on Piney Branch Road. Criticism concerns the poor and unprofessional service of some clerks; unresponsiveness of the store’s manager; and most recently, the nonfunctional outside lights on the Van Buren Street side of the store.

The Fourth District’s (MPD-4D) Listserv provides regular crime reports and public safety information. Speaking of public safety, a very disturbing item was posted yesterday. Reading it will make you think twice about your safety – or lack of it – on DC Streets. It may also leave you wondering if the police will be there when you need them. To read about the incident, click this  link to the story which was published on another blog. (Subsequently, the District Commander emailed the Listserv to say that the matter revealed in the story is being investigated.) 

If you are interested in subscribing to any or all of the Listservs, here are some site addresses where you can sign up:;;; and  Tip:  If a Listserv offers you a choice of receiving a daily summary or all messages opt for the former, otherwise you will find your email box filling up faster than an overflowing bathtub.


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