Are You Reading Paper or Plastic?

bigstock-Business-News-On-Tablet-PC-22342382Writer Gore Vidal once wrote “Fifty percent of people won’t vote, and fifty percent don’t read newspapers.”

Speaking of newspapers — more and more people are getting their news electronically on their tablets or other devices. Have you noticed how The Washington Post and other major papers are downsizing their publications? The Parade and WP Magazine have shrunk significantly from their original size.

At a recent meeting of the Brightwood Park Community Association, the writer of this blog had a brief conversation with the publisher/editor of The Current Newspapers; as a result Florian Gardens has been included on the route for delivery of The Northwest Current.  Copies are being delivered to 5928 every other Wednesday afternoon. FGC residents who do not find copies in the lobby of your building can stop by 5928 and take a copy.

Interestingly, readers of the Tacoma DC and Shepherd Park Listservs will notice that in today’s newsfeed some Listserv members are expressing dissatisfaction over The Current Newspapers limited coverage of neighborhoods west of Rock Creek Park.  The DC North paper once provided news relative to the Brightwood community, but it hasn’t been seen at the usual weekly newspaper drop-spots for a few years.


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