Challenge and Change at the Homestead

Home-Sweet-Home-Sign-18627107One of the loyal readers of this blog mentioned that the updates are not as timely as they were when this site was created over a year ago. My humble response to that is this — aside from the occasional slow news week at FGC, writing content for other blogs and book writing consumes my time like a wildfire raging in Yosemite Park. But, I appreciate those of you who continue to read and support us. *** Long-time FGC members may recall when FGC had a paper newsletter that published regularly from 1986 (prior to purchase of the co-op) through 2005. Until the mid-nineties, the original newsletters were typed – yes, painstakingly typed on an IMB typewriter, with clipart and photos cut and pasted in. Fortunately, the digital age changed things tremendously. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – God bless you guys for making life easier, especially for us wordsmiths.

Contrary to what some FGC members may think, renovation on the building fronts has not been abandoned. The project is ongoing. New canopies are being readied and will soon be installed.  After a long wait, the carpeting on the front stoops and steps of each building was installed on August 16th ; but – you knew there was a but, right? — immediately after it was installed, the sharp eye of the co-op president and some members revealed that some of the carpet pieces were not connected at places where they should have been.  Here a gap. There a gap. Everywhere a gap gap. To add insult to potential injury, last week an entire strip of the carpet came loose and was dangling from beneath the overhang of one of the steps. Thanks to a sharp-eyed tenant that accident waiting to happen was prevented. We are now waiting for more carpet to be delivered and then the entire job will be redone.

FGC members are still grumbling about the noise being made by those huge trucks coming and going to the Walmart site, as well as the parking problems that increased after construction began several months ago. If the annoying  environmental noise is causing you headaches, you don’t want to imagine the racket that will result — day and night —  from a continuous flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in our neighborhood after Walmart opens in a few months; not to mention the influx of strangers in the area. It looks like our previously quiet block is just one more thing of the past.


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