In the Neighborhood

Walmart-sidewalk-AdobeFrom a bird’s eye view, work on the Georgia Avenue Walmart never ceased during the debate over the Living Wage bill, and it looks like the one story store is nearing completion. As you can see from the photo, the sidewalk on Peabody Street is  being widened and is about to reopen.

Speaking of Walmart, a source told me that the barking dogs heard by several FGC residents, around 1 AM about a week ago, were police dogs handled by officers who arrived at the Walmart property in time to stop a theft-in-progress of copper pipes.  However, when I inquired on the Listserv about the event, a 4D officer would only say that someone was arrested for stealing a screwdriver from the property.  A screwdriver, huh.  Ummm.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who is telling the truth. I’m just saying …

And speaking of crime, gosh darn, the stun gun robbers who were previously reported to be operating downtown in the Logan Circle area and Shaw neighborhood have been spotted uptown.  Yesterday morning at 2 AM, a couple of them were arrested after robbing victims in the 4000 block of Georgia Avenue. Getting much too close for comfort.

Notices have recently been distributed at FGC informing residents about upcoming meetings hosted by Walmart  for Ward 4 residents who are interested in seeking full or part-time employment at the Georgia Avenue store when it opens in a couple of months.  Applicants must apply on line.  Interviews for Ward 4 residents are being conducted at the hiring center recently opened in the former Social Security Building on Eastern Avenue.

*     *      *

Meanwhile at FGC, the new carpeting was finally correctly reinstalled on the steps and stoops of each building. I know a number of FGC residents are wondering what’s the  holdup with the canopies. As of this posting there is no update on that.  Let’s hope that they get installed soon.


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