Update on Walmart

Georgia Avenue Walmart managers
Georgia Avenue Walmart managers

Last night, at yet another Georgia Avenue Walmart meeting, attendees were introduced to the store’s manager, Alvin Robinson (far right in photo), and the team that will administer services when the store opens sometime in mid-December. The exact opening date has not yet been determined.

Nina Albert, Walmart’s Director of Community Affairs, discussed efforts being made to hire Ward 4 residents for the GA Store. She also enlightened the audience on other matters, and she and the Walmart team answered questions from concerned residents, including on one subject that surfaces at nearly every Walmart meeting — neighborhood parking and traffic.  Here are some disclosures from that meeting:

  • There will be absolutely no parking allowed in front of the store’s Georgia Avenue entrance. There will be 300 underground parking spaces for employees and customers. Parking will be allowed on both sides of Peabody Street. Trucks making store deliveries will enter the loading dock off of Missouri Avenue.
  • Install a left-turn arrow on the Peabody Street traffic light to ease the gridlock expected to occur after the store opens. That suggestion came from one concerned neighborhood resident who was told that the issue would have to be taken up with DDOT.
  • Speaking of DDOT, kudos to Florian Gardens board member, Bettye Straughter, who has been working earnestly to get signatures on a petition in order to get RPP (Residential Permit Parking) for FGC members. The RPP program was established in the 1970’s to protect neighborhoods and ensure that District residents could find parking on their blocks and near their homes. According to DDOT more than 4100 residential blocks are currently included in the program. FGC members, whether you drive or not, are encouraged to sign the petition.
  • Georgia Avenue & Quackenbos will be getting a traffic light which will increase to four the number of consecutive traffic lights between Missouri Avenue and Rittenhouse Street.
  • Operating hours at the store will be 6AM to midnight.
  • The store is also seeking a license to sell beer and wine.

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