Odds and Ends

sidewalk-closed-sign-838683Some days, when I’m out early in the morning, I see Paul Charter School students on their way to school.  One or two teens occasionally pass me as I walk toward Georgia Avenue on the north side of Peabody Street, but frequently I see small groups of students ignore the Street Closed signs erected at both ends of Peabody Street on the south side, walking in the street beside the construction fence. Vehicles turning off of Georgia Avenue onto Peabody Street, heading east, must steer around the students to avoid hitting them. Although I hope it doesn’t happen, I wonder if it’s just a matter of time before a student is run over by a vehicle driven by an inattentive driver who is texting, talking on the phone, or otherwise distracted. * * * If things stay on schedule the Walmart construction will be completed in a few weeks, and all of us who live in and frequent the neighborhood will be able to use both sides of the sidewalk again.

Another thing relative to the intrusion of Walmart in our previously quiet neighborhood – residents are anxiously looking forward to the completion of construction so that we can have relief from the constant sound of roaring, back-up beeping, noise making large trucks. The disturbance starts most days as early as 6 AM, that’s right I said 6, not 7,  forcing some of our members who are awakened too early to add to their morning prayer, “Lord, please deliver us from that *%*#$! noise.

*             *             *

Still no update available on the canopies that we had hoped would be installed before autumn.

*             *             *

And the bad news is – Several items were taken from FGC’s storage shed today by a thief who brazenly came onto the property at midday and got away with yard equipment that included a lawn mower, weed whacker and a leaf blower. His departure was witnessed by at least one FGC member. The thief made his departure before police arrived.

 *             *             *

Years ago, when FGC had lots of children living in the complex we held Halloween Parties for them in the social room. Sometimes even the adults dressed-up in costume. It was a fun time. Those children are grown now and unfortunately the time in which we now live requires safety first, so many pleasant activities like our co-op parties have been discontinued.  There are seven more days before Halloween. Be safe!


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