FGC’s Facelift

FGC-Canopy-32BThey’re heeere!  While numerous people were out fighting the Black Friday crowds and others were just enjoying an extra day off from their job, some people were working; like the energetic men who arrived mid-morning to replace FGC’s faded canopies. The new canopies blend perfectly with the recently restored facade and carpeting. Unlike the old canopies, the current ones are heavier and require the support of steel beams and (we hope) will keep ice from forming on the steps. And just in case you are wondering, it took about 4 ½ hours on Friday to complete the installation.

The improvement is an ongoing effort by the board to give the 58 year old buildings a facelift, and judging by comments received from residents, most are pleased with the new look. We hope that parents of young children will remind them that the beams are not bumpers for their bikes and skateboards, or structures off of which to bounce a basketball.

*             *             *


As the end of 2013 draws near, FGC’s board of directors extends our sincere gratitude to two people whose advice and suggestions along our journey, from renters to owners, has been priceless:  Eldon Hall and Lee Kriegsfeld. We truly appreciate your dedication to helping us maintain a viable business and we look forward to continuing our working relationship in the New Year.

*             *             *

NOTE:  If you enjoy reading this blog and would like to read more commentaries by the author, Loretta Parker-Brown, visit  www.potpourri101.com


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