The Big Chill

“Now is the winter of our discontent.”~William Shakespeare

Plumber repairing flue pipe (background). Property Manager (foreground).
Plumber repairing flue pipe (background). Property Manager (foreground).

Meteorologists forecasted that the coldest night in 5 years would arrive last Monday evening. It did. And around 10 PM, before residents in ’28 could adjust to the big chill, a problem developed with the furnace. Washington Gas was called. The service engineer arrived promptly, accessed the situation, and after explaining that there was a potential danger from cracks in the flue pipe said that he would have to turn off the furnace until the problem is fixed. In spite of concern expressed by a board member  who was present and exclaimed that “This is the coldest night in the year,” Mr. Washington Gas flipped the switch and killed the heat.  “Better cold, than dead,” said the resident whose phone call led to discovery of the problem.  Point taken!

The co-op president made a courtesy call to each member in that building informing them that the heat would likely be off for the rest of the night. But to the rescue — an emergency service request brought the property manager, the plumbing contractors, and a couple of board members to the cold furnace room. Some of them shivered patiently while temporary repairs were made on the pipe. It was near midnight when the work was completed, but the blessing was that the heat was off for only a few hours instead of the entire night, and a new pipe was installed the next morning.

*             *             *

FGC residents owe thanks to board members, Bettye Straughter and LaDora Brock, for their vigilance in constantly contacting DDOT and Councilmember Bowser’s staff to get the promised Residential Permit Parking (RPP) stickers. Earlier this week a notice was posted in each building informing members that — according to DDOT — the oversight that had previously prevented some members from getting their zoning stickers had been corrected.  Not so, said members who returned a second time to DMV and were understandably furious to learn that they were still being denied the stickers. Aw, snap!  Following more phone calls and emails by Straughter and Brock, DDOT finally corrected the problem AND hand-delivered the promised and overdue letters about the RPP program containing instructions for getting the stickers. Board members are keeping four fingers on both hands crossed while hoping that this problem has been resolved.


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