Fessing Up

Thinker-23636867I’m fessing up, right now, straightforward, even before this post gives away the secret. Fact is — it’s a slow news week at FGC. Slow news often equals no news. No dramas or trauma, which is a good thing for management and the board, but inactivity doesn’t help fill this page. So, instead of sitting here wondering WWJD, I’m going to stop asking myself what would Jesus do, I’m just going to write something. Anything.

Blog posts don’t write themselves, you know. Oh– you are one of the few who didn’t know that? Well, let me brief you. Unlike reporters — let’s say at The Washington Post and other daily newspapers — bloggers don’t get assignments from editors. That means we have to be creative and come up with articles on our own.

You, regular readers of this blog, know that this author usually writes pertinent stuff relative to FGC business or co-op activities. Sometimes members send me information to share with you. But once in a while the coffer is as bare as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard and there is nothing significant to report.  Like today. No news. My bad.

Regardless of whether I write specifically about FGC or a relative subject, like occurrences in the neighborhood, I strive to write concise and accurate posts. That brings me back to square one. Don’t get it confused. I’m a blogger, not a reporter. Unlike reporters, most bloggers don’t have a team that includes a researcher, and editor. We are the full monty. We do it all. You can bet your next month’s carrying charge that if bloggers got paid a combined salary for being the writer, researcher, and editor, we’d be in six figure heaven. But like I said, most of us bloggers don’t have the luxury of a team. In many ways that’s a good thing, because when we want to write something informal like, “This author writes pertinent stuff,” instead of writing something more stilted like “This author writes serious content,” or if we want to use a slang phrase like “my bad,” there’s no editor to say that’s inappropriate, take it out. We decide what we want to write and how we write it. Blogger power!

And then, when bloggers run out of things to say, we take the liberty of resorting to a media trick — we add fillers, like these:

Did you know …

  • Dryer sheets are excellent for removing lint from the lint tray in dryers with one swipe?
  • To prevent clogging your kitchen sink with used cooking oil, after the oil has cooled pour it into a jar, put the lid on it tightly, and dispose of it with the trash.
  • You can extend space in your unit by investing in gadgets like command hooks, under-bed storage containers, and over-the-door racks.
  • You should phone in maintenance requests as soon as you realize a problem with plumbing, electricity, heat, laundry machines, or other maintenance related issues.

And kazam! There it is. Another post done. Perhaps the next one might have some really exciting news like “FGC member wins the lottery and…” (you finish that sentence. And be creative).

*     *     *

NOTE:  If you enjoy reading this blog and would like to read more commentaries by the author visit www.potpourri101.com


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