Stepping Out and Stepping Up

Do you recognize these people? This attractive mother and son are two of FGC’s smart and classy  members. Bettye and Robert (Robbie) Straughter were stepping out in style last Friday when they attended the Omega Ball at the Washington Hilton Hotel.  Well, all right now — Represent!!!

Bettye and Robbie Blended
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the community . . .

Stepping up to the plate at last week’s straw poll, sponsored by the Ward 4 Democrats, council member and Mayoral Candidate Muriel Bowser advanced to second base by capturing 49% of the total vote. In January, she beat incumbent Mayor Vincent Gray by 41% in the Ward 8 straw poll. Will she round third base in the primary election on April 1 and score a home run in November? Voters will decide.

*           *           *

The Department of Health closed the Safeway at Georgia Avenue and Piney Branch Road on Thursday, February 6, due to code violations. Reportedly a customer’s sighting of a mouse raised the red flag. Ick! Although the store reopened on Friday afternoon, The E&E (Eyes and Ears) Squad is saying that the blitz of constant criticism levied against that store on some Listservs is fueling the fire toward a permanent shutdown. E&E is also wondering if it is coincidental that the latest Safeway closure occurred just two months after the opening of Walmart. Can Stevie Wonder see a game plan?

*           *           *

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