How’s your FGC IQ?

The saying “No news is good news” would probably make your day if you are a fugitive on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List. But law-abiding and concerned FGC members welcome information that is relevant to where they live. So, while the news drought continues at the co-op,  your resident historian is taking the opportunity to provide some FGC trivia.

If you are a veteran FGC member you can probably answer many of the questions below lickety-split. Members who joined the co-op after the conversation can use this Q&A quiz to learn some of FGC’s history. Challenge yourself by making a good effort to answer the questions before you look at the answers.

  1. What Reality Company managed Florian Gardens before tenants purchased it and who was the property manager?
  2. The first FGC newsletter, pecked out on an IBM Correcting Selectric typewriter and distributed door-to-door, was published prior to the purchase of the FGC property. In what year was the first FGC newsletter published?
  3. Name the first two people from Project WISH who served as consultants to guide FGC through the purchasing process.
  4. Name of the well-liked, Fourth District Police Officer who helped FGC form a Neighborhood Watch group in 1986.
  5. Name the first president of the Florian Gardens Tenants Association (Note – the Tenants Association, not the Co-op.)
  6. Name the high-profile Chairwoman of the Kenilworth Parkside Management Corporation who addressed Florian Garden’s general meeting in November 1986.
  7. Originally only two of FGC’s buildings had laundry rooms. Which building did not have a laundry room until after the co-op was renovated?
  8. What month and year were the kitchens in each unit completed gutted and in-place renovation begun?


  1. Washington Reality Company and Braxton Young
  2. April 1988
  3. Paul Battle and Martha Davis (later joined by Linda Leaks and Rozanne Look)
  4. Officer Eartha Hicks
  5. Derrick Williams
  6. Kimi Gray
  7. 5928
  8. August 1990

Project WISH Crew

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