The Meters Are Coming! The Meters Are Coming!

Parking Meter

“The meters are coming!” That’s probably how Paul Revere would have shouted it, but I’ll just say, “Listen up. Parking meters are coming to a street near us.”

First Georgia Avenue and now Peabody Street. Don’t make me dig out my notes, but as I recall, at one of the numerous meetings that Walmart and city officials held with neighborhood residents, prior to the opening of the store, we were told that there would be several free parking spaces on the south side of Peabody Street adjacent to Walmart.  Well, that may have been true when Walmart opened its Georgia Avenue store seven months ago, but guess what. Parking meters are being installed in front of each of those “free” spaces. Perhaps that move, obviously intended to bring the city additional revenue, will force customers who prefer street side parking to utilize Walmart’s underground parking garage.

*             *             *

It’s spring cleaning time and the FGC board has been working with a legal counsel to update some of the co-op’s outdated governing documents. Meanwhile, out in FGC’s parking lot, some uncooperative members continue to violate parking regulations. With the average cost of one and two BR units in DC ranging from $1000 to $1500 and up, one would think that all FGC members would follow the co-op rules and do your part to facilitate the effort of board members who strive to run an efficient operation. If you think no one is keeping track – think again. If you are one of the people who believes that rules and regulations apply to everyone else, consider the following quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.”


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