FGC Welcomes the New Year

NY 2016 -J

‘Twas the night before Christmas. The temperature outside was 64 degrees, but inside the old buildings where units lack controllable thermostats and cooks were busy preparing side dishes for the next day’s meal, it was hot as h#*l. The uncommonly warm December weather forced many residents to run their air conditioners. Ahhh!

But wouldn’t you know it, someone was not feeling the holiday spirit. A grinch stole one of the packages left by UPS in Building ’28. Another (or perhaps the same grinch) vandalized one of the Christmas ornaments in the lobby. It’s too bad that some people are so miserable in their life that they could care less about spoiling the joy for everyone else.

On the brighter side, Building ’28 wasn’t the only one displaying decorations this year. While Bettye S. makes sure that every building hangs a wreath outside each year, it’s been a while since all three buildings decked the halls. But this year LaDora B. dressed-up the lobby of Building ‘32. Bobby W., did an amazing job making sure that 920 was festive as well. And as usual Hazel W. and yours truly took care of ’28.

Did you know that some apartment buildings don’t allow residents to put Christmas decorations on their unit doors? Fortunately, FGC has no such restriction and a number of residents seem to enjoy adding some cheer to the otherwise drab common space.

Earlier in the month, while one co-op member and I were discussing door decorations she said to me, “There are a lot of strange faces around here lately.” And they are not all visiting. Unfortunately, a few people manage to get around FGC’s screening process (by hook or crook) but the shenanigans are eventually discovered. In the meantime, let’s hope that FGC doesn’t encounter a crazy resident like the man in Dover who last year did the unthinkable to his neighbor’s decorated door. Click the link to read about it – crazy.

As our co-op proudly nears 27 years of thriving ownership the board of directors want to thank all of the members who do their part to support our investment by paying your carrying charges on time, upholding the property, adhering to the By-Laws and simply being good neighbors.

Thank you to all FGC members and friends of FGC who read and support this blog. Happy New Year!

NOTE:  If you enjoy reading this blog and would like to read more commentaries by the author visit her blog at www.potpourri101.com 


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