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The Spirit of Christmas

christmas-2016aThere is something magical about the Christmas Season. It’s evident everywhere, even in a small co-op community like Florian Gardens.

Overall our members are pleasant throughout the year. And although the Christmas season awakens a spirit that makes us even more sociable and temporarily suppresses the stress of everyday living, it nevertheless fuels the friendly rivalry of our annual door decorating competition.

Some members attach colorful door foil to their unit door and then embellish it with a wreath, ribbons and bows, or other things festive. For a few years, our co-op held a contest, giving first, second and third place prizes to the residents with the best-decorated door. And although the contest was short-lived, the door decorating didn’t stop.

Each year, the unofficial decorating committee continues to decorate the lobby and the Continue reading The Spirit of Christmas


Seasons Greetings

At least one building at FGC has decked the halls for the Christmas Season.  Hazel Williams, FGC’s First Lady of Décor, makes sure that her building looks better than the rest every year. Check out the bird’s eye view below. We’ve even added some snow. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


The Transition Begins

If things remain on schedule, next Wednesday at 8AM the Georgia Avenue Walmart will have its Grand Opening and a relatively quiet neighborhood will take on the look and feel of the FedEx Stadium parking lot on game day. There will be no tailgating parties, just plenty of jockeying by FGC members to try and find legal parking spaces until residential parking stickers become available in a few weeks.

In the meantime — have a Happy Thanksgiving.

FGC Thanksgiving3 Large


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Spring Cleaning: Odds and Ends

???????????????So much for the old saying “If March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion.”  The lion roared on March 6 when a snowstorm hit the East Coast and the Florian Gardens property incurred some weather-related damage. As was previously reported on this blog, frozen ice falling off the transmission tower broke windows on two of the buildings and damaged a couple of car that were parked on the lot. One member’s car had significant damage to the  hood, another car had a cracked windshield. In addition, to the cars, the vents on the rooftops of each building and one roof drain scupper box were damaged.

Anyone who has been paying attention can see that progress is being rapidly made on the the Georgia Avenue Walmart which is scheduled to open in the fall of this year.  Councilmember Muriel Bowser recently sent out a special e-newsletter advising that Walmart is seeking a DC-based retailer to occupy 1800 square feet of retail space.

We’ve been telling you that FGC will be undergoing a face-lift involving Continue reading Spring Cleaning: Odds and Ends

Wishing FGC members a Happy New Year!

New-year-32085020We hope that FGC members had a wonderful holiday season.

2013 will bring significant changes to our neighborhood, especially after Walmart opens its Georgia Avenue store at the end of this year. Speaking of Walmart, during the holidays the multinational retail company presented gifts — a poinsettia for each FGC unit. Most members seemed appreciative of the good will, but that does not negate the fact that many still resent the intrusion of the company and some consider the gesture as Walmart’s attempt to placate us. Nevertheless, the FGC board on behalf of the co-op thanks Walmart for the flowers.

It is expected that construction as normal will resume after today, and the rumbling trucks and noise returns. Occasionally, when the heavy machines are drilling and pounding, I can feel the floor vibrating underfoot and I wonder how much damage is being done to the structure of our old buildings. So far, we have had two windows in two different units implode as a result of the construction. Nevertheless, plans are still underway to give the FGC buildings a facelift. Sometime within the next few months members will see new facades installed on each building, new carpeting on the front stoops and a new intercom system; all the more reason why it is important that you pay your monthly carrying charges on time. Continue reading Wishing FGC members a Happy New Year!