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Remembering JR

John RobinsonFGC’s own J.R. was unlike the fictional character played by the late Larry Hagman on the television series Dallas. However, in his younger days the co-op’s J.R. – actually named John Robinson — was thought by some to have a similarly colorful personality.

Records show that Robinson, one of FGC’s veteran members, moved to Florian Gardens in 1986. Until his health began to fail in recent years, he could frequently be seen working on or driving his green Chevy Malibu. And when he wasn’t tinkering on his car, he occasionally sat on the front stoop of the building where he resided chatting with neighbors.

For several years, John shared his unit with his companion Kathleen Adams and for a while his daughter, Tammy, stayed with them. However, in recent years John lived alone.

During the late 1980s when FG residents were in the early stage of negotiating to purchase our property and needed meeting space, John and Kathleen were among a few residents who allowed meetings to be held inside their unit. In October ‘92, Robinson assisted with the Halloween Party, which back then was an annual ritual held in the co-op’s social room for FGC children.

The septuagenarian deceased last Friday, March 15, 2013.  As of this posting date, funeral information has not been received by the co-op.

Rest in peace John Robinson.