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Oohhs and Aahhs Restaurant Opening Soon

Heads-up FGC members. Last week, I was told by a store rep who was accepting job applications for the restaurant that Saturday, May 6 will the the Grand Opening date for the Oohs and Aahs restaurant in the Walmart building. The soul food restaurant will be located between Walmart’s main entrance and the credit union. According to the Washington Business Journal it will be “a new 85-seat, full-service restaurant.” If the Georgia Avenue restaurant measures up to the U Street store, the menu will include foods like chicken, fish, collard greens and as advertised, the ‘“Best Macaroni and Cheese“ awarded by Washingtonian Magazine.’ Reportedly, the restaurant will also have a carryout. From what I saw this morning, workers are going to have to hustle to meet Saturday’s deadline. Let’s hope for the best.

Merry Christmas FGC and Friends

2016 Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Background for your seas

You would hardly know that it’s the Christmas Season because the weather has been warmer than milk left out for Santa. As in years past, building 5928 is the first to put up Christmas decorations. Lights in the lobby, colorful garland wrapping the handrails, and even bells and bows outside the building entrance. Inquiring minds want to know — will the lobbies in the other two buildings remain as naked as a Kardashian on a magazine cover or will some creative residents volunteer to decorate the doors?

Several years ago, and for a few years, FGC held a contest Christmas Dec 11 2015 Hazel's Door - 2with prizes going to the residents who best-decorated their unit door. Recognition was also given to the building that had the most outstanding lobby door. Many residents eagerly participated in the contests and competed for the cash prizes. The event was ultimately discontinued, but the tradition of decorating unit doors remains.  If there were to be a prize given for the first door decorated each year at Christmastime, it would likely go to Hazel Williams  — the “First Lady Door Decorator at FGC.” Pictured on the right is her colorful door this year.

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Never let it be said that FGC is not keeping up with the times. The June blog post showed a list of upgrades being made on the property. The following changes can now be checked off the to-do list:

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Are You Reading Paper or Plastic?

bigstock-Business-News-On-Tablet-PC-22342382Writer Gore Vidal once wrote “Fifty percent of people won’t vote, and fifty percent don’t read newspapers.”

Speaking of newspapers — more and more people are getting their news electronically on their tablets or other devices. Have you noticed how The Washington Post and other major papers are downsizing their publications? The Parade and WP Magazine have shrunk significantly from their original size.

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