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Thirty Days and Counting

James M. Cheeks, Jr.  of DDOT
James M. Cheeks, Jr. of DDOT

Members of the community met again at Paul Charter School for ongoing discussing about traffic management and parking concerns surrounding the opening of the Walmart store on December 4th. Fielding questions with Councilmember Muriel Bowser were officials from DDOT. The sparse attendance at last night’s meeting was likely due to the short notice (same day), and at least one neighbor expressed dissatisfaction about that. Although FGC also received a last minute phone call, late yesterday afternoon, two board members were able to attend.

DDOT officials, James Cheeks, chief of the Traffic Signals Safety Standards division, and Derrick Hardy addressed the matter of RPP (Residential Permit Parking); installation of a left turn signal light at Georgia Avenue and Peabody; a new traffic light at Georgia Avenue and Quackenbros; and general restructuring of most streets in proximity to the store. Residents should expect a sudden flurry of street activity and significant changes in traffic patterns prior to the store’s opening in 4 weeks.

DDOT revealed that the 4th District Precinct has requested that all parking on the north side of Peabody Street be reserved for police officers. Continue reading Thirty Days and Counting


Odds and Ends

sidewalk-closed-sign-838683Some days, when I’m out early in the morning, I see Paul Charter School students on their way to school.  One or two teens occasionally pass me as I walk toward Georgia Avenue on the north side of Peabody Street, but frequently I see small groups of students ignore the Street Closed signs erected at both ends of Peabody Street on the south side, walking in the street beside the construction fence. Vehicles turning off of Georgia Avenue onto Peabody Street, heading east, must steer around the students to avoid hitting them. Although I hope it doesn’t happen, I wonder if it’s just a matter of time before a student is run over by a vehicle driven by an inattentive driver who is texting, talking on the phone, or otherwise distracted. * * * If things stay on schedule the Walmart construction will be completed in a few weeks, and all of us who live in and frequent the neighborhood will be able to use both sides of the sidewalk again.

Another thing relative to the intrusion of Walmart in our previously quiet neighborhood – residents are anxiously looking forward to the completion of construction so that we can have relief from the constant sound of roaring, back-up beeping, noise making large trucks. The disturbance starts most days as early as 6 AM, that’s right I said 6, not 7,  forcing some of our members who are awakened too early to add to their morning prayer, “Lord, please deliver us from that *%*#$! noise. Continue reading Odds and Ends

Update on Walmart

Georgia Avenue Walmart managers
Georgia Avenue Walmart managers

Last night, at yet another Georgia Avenue Walmart meeting, attendees were introduced to the store’s manager, Alvin Robinson (far right in photo), and the team that will administer services when the store opens sometime in mid-December. The exact opening date has not yet been determined.

Nina Albert, Walmart’s Director of Community Affairs, discussed efforts being made to hire Ward 4 residents for the GA Store. She also enlightened the audience on other matters, and she and the Walmart team answered questions from concerned residents, including on one subject that surfaces at nearly every Walmart meeting — neighborhood parking and traffic.  Here are some disclosures from that meeting: Continue reading Update on Walmart

In the Neighborhood

Walmart-sidewalk-AdobeFrom a bird’s eye view, work on the Georgia Avenue Walmart never ceased during the debate over the Living Wage bill, and it looks like the one story store is nearing completion. As you can see from the photo, the sidewalk on Peabody Street is  being widened and is about to reopen.

Speaking of Walmart, a source told me that the barking dogs heard by several FGC residents, around 1 AM about a week ago, were police dogs handled by officers who arrived at the Walmart property in time to stop a theft-in-progress of copper pipes.  However, when I inquired on the Listserv about the event, a 4D officer would only say that someone was arrested for stealing a screwdriver from the property.  A screwdriver, huh.  Ummm.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who is telling the truth. I’m just saying … Continue reading In the Neighborhood

Update on Walmart

Some FGC board members met last night with Walmart’s Director of Community Affairs and other stakeholders in the neighborhood. If things remain on schedule, Walmart may open in mid-October instead of November as earlier projected.

bigstock-Cartoon-D-man-PC-user-presses-16773932Three-to-four months prior to the store’s opening a job center will be opened in the neighborhood and Ward 4 residents who are interested in working in retail are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be computer savvy, because all applications will be on line and will take about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Anyone interested in learning about full or part-time jobs with Walmart, can get an overview at  A preemployment assessment test may be required.