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Apartment Living: The Curious Life of Bedbugs


Note relevant to the Apartment Living post:   The following post resulted from a question that was asked about how bedbugs get into people’s homes. Since I try to post topics, on a variety of subjects that would be of interest, as well as informative to everyone, I thought this would be an appropriate topic.  It was not intended to sound an unnecessary alarm.

To say that some people feel dismayed to discover that they have bedbugs is an understatement. It is more accurate to say that infested residents get thoroughly p****d-off by the six-legged, home invaders. One remark frequently heard from people who learn that they have an infestation of the tiny blood suckers is “I don’t understand how this happened, I keep my home clean.”

While an ancient proverb says that, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” unfortunately bedbugs are not deterred by cleanliness, nor are they always “home grown.”  The nasty creepy crawlers travel from place-to-place in a variety of ways, and regardless of whether you maintain your home like a neatnik or a slob, at some time or another,  you could discover that the uninvited pests are unwelcome guests. Continue reading Apartment Living: The Curious Life of Bedbugs