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Want to Get Away?

AMany of us have heard Charles Caleb Colton’s quote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” If that is the case, then should I be flattered to learn that after I began posting pictures of the Georgia Avenue Walmart construction site on the FGC blog, similar pictures showed up on Walmart’s website? Um?

Noisy trucks continue to wreck havoc on the nerves of FGC residents, and unfortunately it is a burden to be endured for several more months. Before daybreak in the morning until around 5 PM, many residents are being awakened by the loud conversations of flaggers and other persons associated with the Walmart project, as well as the roar of monster truck engines, the sound of air brakes, and the occasional honking horn. Throughout the day, as the trucks come and go, trying to listen to TV or radio becomes an exercise in futility for FGC residents. When the volume is turned down low and the trucks roll by Continue reading Want to Get Away?