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Co-op Courtesies Make Living Easier – Part I

Thumbs-up-and-thumbs-down-emot-33284468Living in a co-op is not like living in a house, but like living anywhere, co-op living can be easier when residents are neighborly and considerate. A little courtesy can go a long way.

Here are a few tips on maintaining a cordial relationship with your fellow co-op members and staying in good standing relevant to the co-op’s rules and regulations.

Be Neighborly 

You may not know the names of your fellow co-op members, but when you see another neighbor a simple hello or greeting goes a long way. Also, get to know all of your board members. It makes it easier to interact in the future if you have questions or concerns.

Practice Laundry Room Decorum

An on-site laundry room is an amenity. Like many co-ops, FGC has a limited number of washers and dryers. Unless you have a dire emergency, there is no excuse for leaving clothes in the laundry machines longer than 15 or 20 minutes after the machine has stopped.  If you leave your clothes in the machine for an excessive length of time (or overnight), don’t get upset to find that someone has removed them and placed them on the folding table or some other clean surface.

Observe Noise Etiquette

Be considerate of the noise level in hallways and especially inside your unit. This is one of the most common complaints made to management. District law requires that 80% of your floor be covered with rugs or carpeting to muffle the noise. Noise and vibrations go through floorboards and through the walls, and can be an annoyance to anyone, but especially to people who work from home work, or those who work at night and sleep during the day.

Respect parking Regulations

FGC has clearly posted No Parking signs around the complex. They are applicable to Fire Lanes and the loading/unload area. Yet, some people continuously disregard the rules as if they apply to everyone else, but them. Unfortunately, there are fewer parking spaces at FGC than tenants with vehicles; nevertheless, parking is on a first come basis. There are no assigned spaces. Tell your visitors to obey FGC’s parking regulations.

Teach Your Child(ren)

Ask any landlord of multi-family housing why they dislike renting to families with children and you’ll get a number of reasons including:  Making too much noise; running up and down the stairs; leaving skateboards, bikes and other toys on the front stoop or in the walkway (thereby impeding entrance or egress by other residents); and damaging property — either intentionally or unintentionally. Teach your child about respecting property.

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