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Making Progress

Intercom FGCRefurbishment continues on the front of each building. The outdated intercom systems have been replaced, and work on the facades will be complete after the hallway windows are put in place in a few weeks, and then, new canopies and carpeting will be installed.

Note to Parents:  There are few young children at FGC, but on occasions in the past, some of those children were seen attempting to ride skateboards down the steps of the front stoops. Such action not only creates the potential for the child to be seriously injured, but also contributes significantly to the wear and tear of the carpeting. Parents, please instruct your children to use their playthings in an appropriate manner and at an appropriate place.

In The Community — Is the Carter Barron Amphitheater another victim of sequestration?  Usually, sometime in the month of May, the signboards for the Carter Barron Amphitheater post the season’s upcoming shows, but not this year — at least not at post time. Although The National Park service’s website states that the Summer 2013 schedule has not been finalized, many loyal patrons are wondering if there will be any shows  held there this year. Carter Barron holds memories for many of us who grew up attending concerts there.  When I was a child my dad used to take our family to the park to hear B. B. King, and other of his favorite Blues and R&B performers. As an adult I continued to enjoy concerts at the park, but in recent years the lineup of entertainers has lost the appeal. Whether Carter Barron put on shows this year remains to be seen.