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A Little This and That

After a few hurtles and weeks of waiting, the new canopies are scheduled to be installed on the buildings on Friday, November 29.

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Tow truckParking problems on FGC property persist and are expected to worsen after Walmart opens in two weeks. For FGC members there is good news and bad news relevant to parking issues. Actually, the bad news is only for those people who – despite posted signs, courtesy letters, and numerous warnings — continue to park illegally. FGC is in the process of negotiating a contract with a towing company that will be vigilant about getting illegally parked cars ticketed and then towed at the owner’s expense.

On the brighter side of the issue – thanks to Bettye Straughter and the cooperation of those who signed the petition, FGC members will be eligible to receive an RPP (Residential Parking Permit). DDOT will be sending out letters containing information about the rules and explaining when and how qualified residents can get the permits. Continue reading A Little This and That