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FGC Nearing 30 and Still Going Strong

FGC Co-op President LaDora Brock

Although the buildings were erected in 1955, Florian Gardens did not become a tenant-owned property until May 1989. As the property is nearing its 30th year as a co-op, the estate which sold for $550,000 is now worth millions.

To convert or not to convert. For several months, the board of directors has been discussing with management the feasibility of converting FGC from a low-equity to a market-rate co-op. Purportedly, the primary benefit of a conversion would be the equity return. While the profit from selling a unit under market-rate would far exceed the return residents now receive when they vacate, the possibility of suddenly incurring a monthly carrying charge that is significantly higher than what is currently being paid to achieve that result is unappealing to many members. Residents who were with FGC from the beginning will tell you that the purpose of purchasing and converting the Florian Gardens complex was to preserve affordable housing for themselves and other District residents.

At a special meeting on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, members got the opportunity to weigh in on the discussion. Although there was less than 100 percent representation by the membership, the turnout was impressive.

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A Little This and That

After a few hurtles and weeks of waiting, the new canopies are scheduled to be installed on the buildings on Friday, November 29.

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Tow truckParking problems on FGC property persist and are expected to worsen after Walmart opens in two weeks. For FGC members there is good news and bad news relevant to parking issues. Actually, the bad news is only for those people who – despite posted signs, courtesy letters, and numerous warnings — continue to park illegally. FGC is in the process of negotiating a contract with a towing company that will be vigilant about getting illegally parked cars ticketed and then towed at the owner’s expense.

On the brighter side of the issue – thanks to Bettye Straughter and the cooperation of those who signed the petition, FGC members will be eligible to receive an RPP (Residential Parking Permit). DDOT will be sending out letters containing information about the rules and explaining when and how qualified residents can get the permits. Continue reading A Little This and That

Challenge and Change at the Homestead

Home-Sweet-Home-Sign-18627107One of the loyal readers of this blog mentioned that the updates are not as timely as they were when this site was created over a year ago. My humble response to that is this — aside from the occasional slow news week at FGC, writing content for other blogs and book writing consumes my time like a wildfire raging in Yosemite Park. But, I appreciate those of you who continue to read and support us. *** Long-time FGC members may recall when FGC had a paper newsletter that published regularly from 1986 (prior to purchase of the co-op) through 2005. Until the mid-nineties, the original newsletters were typed – yes, painstakingly typed on an IMB typewriter, with clipart and photos cut and pasted in. Fortunately, the digital age changed things tremendously. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – God bless you guys for making life easier, especially for us wordsmiths.

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Want to Get Away?

AMany of us have heard Charles Caleb Colton’s quote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” If that is the case, then should I be flattered to learn that after I began posting pictures of the Georgia Avenue Walmart construction site on the FGC blog, similar pictures showed up on Walmart’s website? Um?

Noisy trucks continue to wreck havoc on the nerves of FGC residents, and unfortunately it is a burden to be endured for several more months. Before daybreak in the morning until around 5 PM, many residents are being awakened by the loud conversations of flaggers and other persons associated with the Walmart project, as well as the roar of monster truck engines, the sound of air brakes, and the occasional honking horn. Throughout the day, as the trucks come and go, trying to listen to TV or radio becomes an exercise in futility for FGC residents. When the volume is turned down low and the trucks roll by Continue reading Want to Get Away?

More Tidbits and Blurbs

Communication is ongoing with Pepco to get the power company to remove tree branches that are intertwined with the wires of the huge Mulberry tree growing on the northeast side of 5932. After Pepco has done its part, the tree contractors will finish cutting down the tree; a job they started over a month ago.  We are hoping that this will occur before another heavy-winded storm causes Florian Gardens to be plunged once again into a week long power outage like the one we endured last summer. Nevertheless, we count our blessings because there are people in parts of lower Manhattan and New Jersey who are still without electricity, following Hurricane Sandy and a nor’easter that occurred weeks apart, a few weeks ago.

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