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FGC Facelift

Facade2Let FGC’s facelift begin. After several weeks of postponement, due to contract negotiation and other issues, restoration of the facades is underway. The flaking wood paneling on each building front will be replaced with a more colorful, durable, and attractive material. Afterward, the hallway windows will be exchanged for a contemporary style, and then new canopies and front porch carpeting installed. The intercom system will also be upgraded, and instead of the haphazard numbering currently in use, the intercom numbers will correspond with each member’s unit number. Weather permitting and if luck holds out, FGC will be spruced up long before Walmart has its grand opening in the fall.

Speaking of grand openings, The Fitness Factory  is doing a booming business. The gym’s website has been redesigned and is back on line. If you want to get your exercise on — little can beat the convenience of having a gym within walking distance in your own neighborhood. Several FGC residents, including yours truly, are members. The membership fee and monthly rate are reasonable, the personal trainer is professional, and the facility is first class. Late afternoon and evenings are crunch time, so if  you are a morning person, (the gym opens at 6 AM weekdays; 8AM weekends) rise and shine to avoid the crowd. The lower level is still underdevelopment, but upon completion there will be something for everyone — including a spa, zumba, yoga, and more machines. Visit the gym and ask for a tour, or visit their website by clicking the link above. You can also check them out on Facebook