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Co-op members recently received letters from management advising them of increased efforts to reinforce parking rules in the fire lanes and the loading/unloading area. Fourth District officers are checking the premises for illegally parked vehicles and are ticketing violators. Owners will bear the expense for their towed vehicles. This parking reinforcement is an unfortunate, but necessary action for a problem that has gotten out of hand — trucks making deliveries and residents trying to unload groceries, furniture, or other heavy items are being hindered by illegally parked vehicles.

On a more pleasant subject, discussions are ongoing to finalize things with contractors who will be giving Florian Gardens a face lift; refurbishing the front of each building by replacing the facades, canopies and carpets.

And around the neighborhood …

Neighborhood Listservs contain useful information about happenings in our community. These valuable community forums discuss various topics of interest including items lost, found, for sale, or being given-away; missing or located pets; and crime in the neighborhood.  Yesterday morning a member of the Listserv reported spotting a pit bull running loose around 10:30 in the 700 block of Sheridan Street. It was also reported that last month, an 11 yr. old boy was attacked by three pit bulls while riding his bicycle on Sheridan Street. That incident occurred in the same vicinity where the pit bull was seen wandering this morning.

Also reported on the Listserv — On March 1 the Mayor will rename the 1400 block of Roxanna Road NW in honor of the late Hilda Mason. Longtime Washingtonians will recall that Ms. Mason was an outspoken politician and staunch statehood advocate. She served as an at-large member of the City Council from 1977 to 1999. Ms. Mason deceased in December 2007.

Speaking of the Fourth District — Congratulations to 4D Commander Kimberly Missouri for her selection as Commander of the Year.