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Florian Gardens’ neighbors showed true good will recently by sharing batteries and flashlights; bringing bags of ice; and doing whatever they could to help each other, following a violent storm that swept through the Mid-Atlantic region last Friday. The storm caused an extensive power outage and blacked-out the FGC complex around 10:30 p.m. For six nights and five days of 95 plus degree heat, some FGC residents toughed it out inside their unit, while others left to stay with family, friends or anywhere there was air conditioning.

Those of us who remained often felt like we were entombed, especially during the dead of night when limited street lighting produced pockets of pitch blackness and graveyard silence.

As if being without air conditioning wasn’t bad enough, we were denied the use of our computers (lap-tops worked until the battery died); television and radio (unless you had battery operated portables); laundry machines; and after days without adequate refrigeration many residents were forced to discard hundreds of dollars worth of spoiling food from refrigerators and freezers. OUCH!  The sweltering heat had even the cats in the parking lot fanning themselves with their tail.  On a more serious note — at least one neighbor was taken by ambulance to the hospital, suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

When the Pepco trucks arrived around 10 a.m. on Wednesday and restored power, it turned into a very happy Fourth of July. Many FGC residents thanked God and Pepco in that order.

Although the numbers are down significantly throughout the DMV, some people in the area are still suffering without power, and according to media reports, electricity to their homes may not be restored until Sunday. Compassionate FGC members can definitely feel their pain and we wish them well.

Everyone has a story about power outage week. If you would like to share yours on line, email me at FGC5928@aol.com