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Wishing FGC members a Happy New Year!

New-year-32085020We hope that FGC members had a wonderful holiday season.

2013 will bring significant changes to our neighborhood, especially after Walmart opens its Georgia Avenue store at the end of this year. Speaking of Walmart, during the holidays the multinational retail company presented gifts — a poinsettia for each FGC unit. Most members seemed appreciative of the good will, but that does not negate the fact that many still resent the intrusion of the company and some consider the gesture as Walmart’s attempt to placate us. Nevertheless, the FGC board on behalf of the co-op thanks Walmart for the flowers.

It is expected that construction as normal will resume after today, and the rumbling trucks and noise returns. Occasionally, when the heavy machines are drilling and pounding, I can feel the floor vibrating underfoot and I wonder how much damage is being done to the structure of our old buildings. So far, we have had two windows in two different units implode as a result of the construction. Nevertheless, plans are still underway to give the FGC buildings a facelift. Sometime within the next few months members will see new facades installed on each building, new carpeting on the front stoops and a new intercom system; all the more reason why it is important that you pay your monthly carrying charges on time. Continue reading Wishing FGC members a Happy New Year!