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Snow Storms and Ice Bombs

PointingDuring yesterday’s snowstorm, from early morning until nearly midnight, FGC residents’ nerves were rattled by the explosion-like sounds created by ice falling from the tower and striking our buildings.

Some residents got more than shattered nerves during the barrage as ice broke the windows of some units, knocked out screens, shattered the windshield of at least one member’s car which was parked on the lot and left a huge dint in the hood of another car. And those are just the incidents that we know about. An inspector has been summoned to check the roof tops of our buildings, but until he arrives we can only image the damage done there.

This incident is a strong argument against locating huge towers in residential neighborhoods, and Wednesday’s occurrence was not the first time an ice bombing has taken place here.  A few years ago, one FGC resident was cut by a splinter of ice when an icicle landed on the ground near her and then shattered to smithereens, sending chards of ice everywhere. That year, police blocked off both ends of the street for hours, allowing no vehicles to drive through and only residents living on the block to enter it. (For the record, several years ago, some FGC members joined others neighborhood residents at a meeting  protesting the installation of the second — 700 foot — tower alongside the 200 foot tower which was already in place. But our pleas fell on deaf ears.)

Anyone who doubts the danger of ice chunks falling off of a tower should click the link and watch the video, taken in 2011, showing employees of a Mississippi television station dodging gigantic icicles that landed alternately on their vehicles and in the parking lot.

With spring just a couple of weeks away; it is unlikely that FGC will experience another ice attack in the near future.  But what will happen during the next winter snowstorm remains to be seen.