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Nightmare on 9th Street

-Cars-stands--47095117Freddie Kruger himself could not have produced a worse nightmare for FGC residents than the one that has materialized since the Georgia Avenue Walmart opened three days ago. Since then, the vehicles of at least three co-op members have been hit while parked on 9th and Peabody Streets; one car had its driver’s side mirror knocked completely off and another car was so badly damaged that it had to be towed away just last night. This problem is the result of the sudden influx of vehicles crowding onto narrow streets that were not designed to accommodate stadium volume traffic.   

DDOT impact studies that reportedly preceded the opening of the store were apparently several pages short of a reality check. A poorly positioned traffic island at the entrance of Walmart’s underground parking garage makes it difficult for drivers to navigate a right turn off of Peabody. Some of the numerous drivers entering and egressing the garage seem oblivious to pedestrians crossing the ramp. At least two FGC residents walking by there were nearly hit by cars that did not slow Continue reading Nightmare on 9th Street


The Transition Begins

If things remain on schedule, next Wednesday at 8AM the Georgia Avenue Walmart will have its Grand Opening and a relatively quiet neighborhood will take on the look and feel of the FedEx Stadium parking lot on game day. There will be no tailgating parties, just plenty of jockeying by FGC members to try and find legal parking spaces until residential parking stickers become available in a few weeks.

In the meantime — have a Happy Thanksgiving.

FGC Thanksgiving3 Large


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Odds and Ends

sidewalk-closed-sign-838683Some days, when I’m out early in the morning, I see Paul Charter School students on their way to school.  One or two teens occasionally pass me as I walk toward Georgia Avenue on the north side of Peabody Street, but frequently I see small groups of students ignore the Street Closed signs erected at both ends of Peabody Street on the south side, walking in the street beside the construction fence. Vehicles turning off of Georgia Avenue onto Peabody Street, heading east, must steer around the students to avoid hitting them. Although I hope it doesn’t happen, I wonder if it’s just a matter of time before a student is run over by a vehicle driven by an inattentive driver who is texting, talking on the phone, or otherwise distracted. * * * If things stay on schedule the Walmart construction will be completed in a few weeks, and all of us who live in and frequent the neighborhood will be able to use both sides of the sidewalk again.

Another thing relative to the intrusion of Walmart in our previously quiet neighborhood – residents are anxiously looking forward to the completion of construction so that we can have relief from the constant sound of roaring, back-up beeping, noise making large trucks. The disturbance starts most days as early as 6 AM, that’s right I said 6, not 7,  forcing some of our members who are awakened too early to add to their morning prayer, “Lord, please deliver us from that *%*#$! noise. Continue reading Odds and Ends

Update on Walmart

Georgia Avenue Walmart managers
Georgia Avenue Walmart managers

Last night, at yet another Georgia Avenue Walmart meeting, attendees were introduced to the store’s manager, Alvin Robinson (far right in photo), and the team that will administer services when the store opens sometime in mid-December. The exact opening date has not yet been determined.

Nina Albert, Walmart’s Director of Community Affairs, discussed efforts being made to hire Ward 4 residents for the GA Store. She also enlightened the audience on other matters, and she and the Walmart team answered questions from concerned residents, including on one subject that surfaces at nearly every Walmart meeting — neighborhood parking and traffic.  Here are some disclosures from that meeting: Continue reading Update on Walmart

Challenge and Change at the Homestead

Home-Sweet-Home-Sign-18627107One of the loyal readers of this blog mentioned that the updates are not as timely as they were when this site was created over a year ago. My humble response to that is this — aside from the occasional slow news week at FGC, writing content for other blogs and book writing consumes my time like a wildfire raging in Yosemite Park. But, I appreciate those of you who continue to read and support us. *** Long-time FGC members may recall when FGC had a paper newsletter that published regularly from 1986 (prior to purchase of the co-op) through 2005. Until the mid-nineties, the original newsletters were typed – yes, painstakingly typed on an IMB typewriter, with clipart and photos cut and pasted in. Fortunately, the digital age changed things tremendously. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – God bless you guys for making life easier, especially for us wordsmiths.

Contrary to what some FGC members may think, Continue reading Challenge and Change at the Homestead