Are you friendly with your neighbors? Being friendly to your neighbors can be much more advantageous than being aloof. You never know when you may have to call on a neighbor for help. Being friendly doesn’t mean that you have to be Miss Pearl, the snooping neighbor in the old 227 sitcom, but you don’t have to be the neighbor from hell either.
If you are opposed to socializing with your neighbors, then don’t; but keep in mind that it doesn’t hurt you to say hello in passing — does it?

Some years ago, one of the FGC members used to hang a welcoming gift bag on the door of new members moving into her building; a good deed done by a good neighbor.

Are you considerate of your neighbors? We all have our personal lifestyles. Be considerate about playing your music or television too loudly. Keep in mind that your neighbors share a wall or live beneath you and can hear loud noises coming from your unit (as well as conversations in the hallway). Someone living below your unit can hear you walking around (especially if you wear high heels), doing jumping jacks, or hear young children bouncing a ball or playing with their toys on the hard wood floors. FGC House Rules require that 80% of the flooring in your unit be carpeted (or covered by rugs).

If you have young children, ask them not to play noisily in the hallways or straddle across the front stoop, thereby impeding people entering or leaving the buildings.

Do you follow the rules regarding parking?  “No Parking” areas are designated by the D.C. Fire Chief to be available for emergency vehicle access in case of an emergency. Parking in “No Parking” lanes could earn you a hefty ticket.

The loading/unloading areas are for temporary – not extended – parking and were created to provide convenience for members unloading groceries, or people moving furniture, appliances or other heavy objects.

Do you respect the property by doing your part to keep it clean?  Instead of throwing trash on the ground or leaving it in the hallways or on the front stoop, properly dispose of it in the trash bins – particularly fast food wrappers and cups, and litter from your vehicle; and advise your visitors to do the same; help keep our property looking attractive.

Trashcans in each laundry room are for disposing of laundry detergent boxes and related products. Members should properly dispose of trash from their unit in the outside bins — not in the laundry room.

Do you avoid smoking on the front stoop?  Watch your ashes! If you must smoke on the front stoop, flick your ashes into the grass to avoid burning holes in the carpet. Constantly replacing the carpet creates an additional expense for the co-op, siphoning money that ultimately comes out of members’ pockets. Keep in mind also, that your second hand smoke enters the open windows of lower floor units; if you don’t care, humor your neighbors, pretend that you do.

Do you abide by the rules contained in the Occupancy Agreement, House Rules and other governing documents?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, and you follow the bylaws and house rules, then you passed the Good Neighbor quiz.


Your landlord is required to maintain insurance coverage on the physical apartment building and common areas such as hallways, stairwells, and lobbies against damage resulting from natural and accidental occurrences such as fire, water damage from flooding, theft, and vandalism. However, this insurance will not cover your personal belongings, nor will it protect you from liability if someone is injured in your apartment. If you have electronics, clothing, jewelry, televisions or other valuables you can’t afford to replace if stolen, damaged or destroyed, consider purchasing renter’s insurance.

*Renter’s Insurance data provided by The Harrison Institute for Public Law in conjunction with the District of Columbia Office of the Tenant Advocate


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